Mishkan Ha’am Havdallah: Sharing Narratives of Tikkun Olam and Exploring its Spiritual Side


November 6, 2021    
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Havdallah is the ceremony that ends the restful period of Shabbat and begins the work of the week. We will use this opportunity to hear from Mishkan Ha’am community members about tikkun olam work (the work of repairing the world) they are engaged in. This could range from work that focused on tzedek (justice) to chesed (acts of loving-kindness).  Each presenter will share for 5 minutes, with opportunities for questions and discussion. We will close with a spiritual reflection on this work. If you would like to present on work you are doing or have done recently, please email Solomon to sign up (rabbiatmishkanhaam@gmail.com). We especially welcome teenagers in our community to share with us.

Visit www.mishkanhaam@gmail.com