Enriching our Jewish community through LGBTQ inclusion

As of January 1, 2018, Mosaic of Westchester is a committee of the Westchester Jewish Council. There are four roundtables held throughout the year. For more about the roundtables or general information, contact Pam Goldstein. Please see below for upcoming events and a link to relevant LGBTQ documents.

To learn about Pride Passover resources, please click HERE.


For more information, click here to find documents covering a variety of topics.

Click  LGBT+ Terms presentation 2024 for a presentation by Merritt Snider, Mosaic Committee member.

Also, please check out the links below from Moving Traditions and Keshet.

  • Moving Traditions Tzelem Group.  To learn more and sign up –
  • Keshet Links to Resources and Events –
  • Reform Action Center (RAC) of the Union for Reform Judaism – with links to many other organizations’ resources on the Web and the RAC Pride Shabbat resource page
  • Other Westchester LGBTQ- Resources – The LOFT: LGBTQ+ Community Services Center (secular) –

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Mosaic Storytelling Project

For more info about the Mosaic Storytelling Project, please contact Storytelling Consultant, Gerry Gartenberg at