Enjoy this brief interview with Rabbi Amiel Wohl and the Hon. Samuel G. Fredman (z”l)  on the founding and early days of the Council.

Letter From the Founder

Dear Friends,

As I contemplate the past stirrings and yearnings for a united Jewish community , three forces were assembling to create the new entity – The Westchester Jewish Conference, now the Westchester Jewish Council.

The UJA-Federation Taskforce on Synagogue Relations chaired by the late Rabbi Maury Davis, The Westchester Board of Rabbis led by Rabbi Norton Shargel, and the Israel Action Committee brought into being by me met as a response to the Yom Kippur War imperiling Israel.

Action to resist these assaults on the Jewish people had to be taken. Trying to avoid duplication, to join hands and hearts for the sake of the Jewish people, our Westchester Jewish people embraced the new spirit for action and interaction!

Without the help of colleagues such as Clarice Pressner (z”l), Sam Fredman (z”l) and Saul Singer and so many others – we would not have succeeded.

Today with Lisa Roberts as President and Elliot Forchheimer as Executive Director we know we will proceed, for the challenges are many and our united strong support and resources are needed.

Rabbi Amiel Wohl z”l
Founding President, Westchester Jewish Conference