COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

What You Need to Know About Your Vaccine Card-
Form for homebound NYC residents to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Our business partner, ColumbiaDoctors, and specifically Alyssa Ames-Sikora, PhD and
Maria Rozon, PhD presented in January “Helping Children Manage Stress During COVID”.  Click on the link below to view the presentation.


“Walking in the Shadow:Healing Together as a Greater Westchester Jewish Community”

If you missed the memorial event, click here for a link to the entire program.
Click here for the list of names that were submitted and click here to read the touching submissions sent by loved ones.



Internet Comparison Tool provided by Broadband Search

As many of us continue to work from home during these times, you may find this internet comparison tool helpful in comparing the top internet service provider options within your geographic area.