Jewish Literacy Initiative

Exciting learning opportunities are available through our new partnership with the Jewish Studies Program at Purchase College. They have generously allowed our subscribers to enroll as non-matriculated students in the “Jewish Music in Modern Europe and the Diaspora” course, which will be taught by Jonathan Salamon. We encourage you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Registrants are entitled to certain campus benefits. For more information and to register, please visit WWW.PURCHASE.EDU/ACADEMICS/JEWISH-STUDIES/EVENTS.

Additionally, we want to extend an invitation to our subscribers to attend “Abayudaya: the Music and culture of the Jews in Uganda” in September,”Yearning and Rejoicing: Jewish Music of the Diaspora” in October and The Klezmatics’ upcoming performance in November at Purchase College. You are eligible for two complimentary tickets to the Klezmatics. 

The discount code to receive the free tickets to the Klezmatics is “WJCKlez23”

To view the most recent Jewish Literacy program, “Escaping the Ghetto, Entering Society at Large” with Professor Eliyahu Stern, please click

WJC Jewish Literacy Initiative Continues

Last year, in response to community input for increased learning opportunities, the Westchester Jewish Council launched its Jewish Literacy Initiative. Following our successful kick-off event with Rabbi Meir Soloveichik, we are thrilled to announce the next phase of the Jewish Literacy Initiative which will focus on learning about different periods in Jewish history. This selection was based upon hundreds of survey results we received. 

We explored three crucial phases of Jewish history, with separate expert presenters for each, and a suggested (but not required) book.  We explored:

         THE EARLY SAGES OF THE MISHNAH.  The suggested reading was The Orchard by Yochi Brandes. 

      THE ENLIGHTENMENT.  The suggested reading was Out of the Ghetto: The Social Background of Jewish Emancipation 1770-1870 by Jacob Katz.  

     THE FOUNDING AND SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MODERN STATE OF ISRAEL.  The suggested reading was Like Dreamers by Yossi Klein Halevi.  

Please send Helene –  — your full name and email address in order to receive updates, or contact her if you have questions.

Thank you to our many partners including Jewish Education Project, WATE and Westchester Board of Rabbis.


Jewish Literacy Committee: Betty Berenson (Westchester Jewish Council Board Member), Joyce Claar (Westchester Jewish Council Board Member), Jonathan Flaxer (Chairman, Literacy Committee & Westchester Jewish Council Board Member), Rabbi Sarah Friedson (Temple Beth Shalom of Mahopac), Michele Gregson (Westchester Jewish Council Board Member), Rabbi Evan Hoffman (Congregation Anshe Sholom of New Rochelle and President of the Westchester Board of Rabbis), Elizabeth Lampert (Westchester Jewish Council Board Member), Rabbi Wendy Pein (Temple Israel of Northern Westchester and Westchester Association of Teachers and Educators – WATE), Rebecca Ruberg (Jewish Education Project), William Schrag (President of the Westchester Jewish Council