Community & Security Initiatives


The Interfaith and Intergroup initiative creates and strengthens understanding, respect and unity among different faith and ethnic communities.  To foster this, the Council is involved in various programs including serving as a key partner with AJC Westchester/Fairfield and others for the annual Westchester Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast; facilitating the Interfaith/Intergroup Roundtable; and continuing to be a supportive organization for our interfaith friends and leaders in the community.


The Council, as the Westchester Jewish community’s first responder, facilitates communications and the sharing of best practices of security among member organizations and government offices such as the Westchester Intelligence Center and the Department of Homeland Security.  Responding to some of the tragic events in the past year, we successfully activated our “Emergency Communication System” which allows us to instantly notify hundreds of trained Westchester Jewish professionals and volunteer leaders from our member organizations.

Community security coordination and communication are a main focus of the Council. If you would like more information or to make a donation to our security fund please click here. As always, please report any security concerns immediately to your local Police Department and then to the Council for follow up.

Please send any security questions/concerns to