WJCS – Summer is Ending. AHH!!


August 17, 2022    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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The transition from summer back to school can be stressful for a student of any age. Navigating the transition from summer relaxation to hectic school schedules can be challenging, in addition to the social emotional challenges that the pandemic has posed for many of you. How do you deal with the feelings of “this summer has just blown by,” “I don’t want the best summer of the past few years to end,” “I feel I didn’t even do anything this summer and it’s almost over,” etc.

Please join us for an opportunity to share your experiences and gain insight in a supportive discussion designed to highlight resiliency skills and coping strategies. For ages 14-18.

For more information and zoom info, please contact:  jwieder@wjcs.com 

LMSW, Youth Resiliency Roundtable Social Worker, Youth Mental Health Associate