WJCS Confronting COVID: Reduce Anxiety and Stress with MediSound Meditation


May 19, 2021    
10:00 am - 11:30 am

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Presenter: Shulamit Elson, Director, The Great Octave Foundation

You are invited to an interactive class to learn MediSounds® meditation, a sound-based meditation practice derived from the writings of 13th century Jewish sages which empowers you to connect to a greater reality and experience the comfort of an abundant spiritual universe. Join us as we learn an innovative and accessible meditative tool to respond to the challenges of Covid-19. Learn to use the power of your own voice to bring clarity of judgement and reduce stress and anxiety.

You will learn two sounds made with your own voice that promote harmony, stability, and spiritual connection to reduce anxiety and stress, promote deep sleep, clarity of judgement and renewed optimism. The practice is both accessible and profoundly impactful. Shulamit will begin with a brief discussion on the historical and scriptural origins of MediSounds Meditation. The system is based on Etz Chaim (The Tree of Life) described in Genesis and commented upon in ancient Rabbinical texts. There will be ample opportunity for discussion and questions.

For questions or to RSVP and receive Zoom information, please email Program Coordinator Lisa Morris at lmorris@wjcs.com.