Temple Beth Abraham – Movie and Panel Discussion with the Filmmakers of “UnReined” (Multi-Access)

September 23, 2021    
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Temple Beth Abraham invites you to join us to watch “UnReined” and to participate in a panel discussion about the film.

This is a Hybrid event.
Watch the film, Unreined, followed by a conversation with the film’s subject and the directors/producers. Reception follows.

The film is an hour long. This is the only opportunity for the three women, Nancy Zeitlin, Naomi Guttman-Bass, and Marcia Rock to meet in person since the film was filmed. We have the unique honor of joining them, as they discuss the making of the film, personal stories, and sensitive issues of Israeli-Palestinian existence and co-existence.

You will have the choice of:

  • watching the film at 7PM on Zoom or in advance, at your convenience
    • and joining us for the conversation in person at 8PM
    • or participating in the conversation from the comfort of your home on Zoom
  • watching the film in person, at 7PM, and joining us for the conversation in person

From reservation to day-of, a lot can change, and we will keep you apprised along the way. (So please register so that we can contact you with up to date information)

But please, do join us for this amazing film and conversation.


https://vimeo.com/432550541;  password: Jewishff

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