Mishkan Ha’am Adult Ed – Guest Speaker Ofer Bronchtien


November 21, 2021    
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Event Type

Zoom only 
While we usually engage in discussion and learning around Israel/Palestine through our book and film group, the committee has organized an exciting opportunity to hear from someone intimately involved with the Israeli/Palestinian peace process. Ofer Bronchtein is the son-in-law of MH members Pat and Guy Pancer.  He is an Israeli whose family moved to France, and he is now an envoy to Israel for the Macron government.  He will join us live on zoom from France! We have asked him to speak to us about how the new government is approaching the Israel/Palestenian situation. Please feel free to suggest topics or questions you would like him to address. Send them to Penny Rosenblatt (prpennyrose5@gmail.com). There will be time set aside for discussion during the program as well.

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