JCCMW – Humans of Tel Aviv – 2 Part Program


April 5, 2022 - June 7, 2022    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Humans of Tel Aviv

“How to tell your #Story?”  
The new millennium requires new storytelling tactics. The way we give and receive information via social media has changed how personal stories impact society around us. Join us for a visual journey illustrating the impact of technological storytelling on the world. The talk shows a different approach to how we should tell the stories that we all know. Virtual storytelling can Ignite a spark of curiosity that will lead people to see and explore more. If we tell our stories in a fascinating and unexpected way, we will allow people to learn new things about the world and eventually about themselves. Listen for an eye-opening discussion on the power of digital storytelling.
This workshop gives participants the basic tools necessary to tell the world how it looks through their eyes, and how to transmit communal messages through photography.”
This zoom conversation is actually a workshop that includes two meetings:

April 5th at 11am: Erez gives you the tools you need for being better storytellers and better photographers.   

June 7th at 11am: You will present the pictures and stories that you have captured based on the lessons learned from the first meeting of the full workshop. Erez will analyze, together with the group, the pictures and stories so you will receive feedback on your work.    

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Supported by the Israel Engagement Fund: A JCC Association of North America Program Accelerator

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