Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center Memory Keepers GenerationsForward Speaker-Naomi Koller


January 12, 2021    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center Memory Keepers Story Hour: GenerationsForward Speaker-Naomi Koller

Please join the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center from the safety and comfort of your own home on January 12 at 7 p.m. to hear Naomi Koller tell about her family’s incredible story of survival and how the family’s piano is portrayed as part of the journey and provides an unlikely escape.

Naomi’s family lived a very comfortable life in the Carpathian Mountain region of Romania in the town of Viznitz.  With extended family nearby, it was a wonderful life of friends, family, music, and education.

At the very start of the Nazi occupation, Naomi’s grandmother, Anna, devised a plan to save the family.  Naomi discusses the Koller family’s deportation to the ghetto, marching through the mountains to a labor camp known as Transnistria (also known as the Forgotten Cemetery), to liberation, journey to Israel, and her father, Mark’s, immigration to New York.

Naomi lives in Westchester County and works as a life coach and professor.

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