GHC – 13 Driver’s Licenses, with Lisa Salko


April 14, 2024    
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

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We welcome Lisa Salko to GHC, to talk about the “13 Driver’s Licenses” project and exhibit. This exhibit tells the individual stories of 13 Jewish citizens who were persecuted during the Nazi regime in Lichtenfels, Germany. The story behind this exhibit is extraordinary. After a discovery was made in an old building of thirteen driver’s licenses, the licenses were handed over to a local high school teacher. The teacher decided to seize this rare opportunity as a way to ignite a research project for his students. For several months the students diligently worked on this project until they were able to locate all of the familial descendants of each of these individuals. The students reached out to these families and notified them of their findings. 

Leading the discussion will be Lisa Salko, who will talk about her trip to Lichtenfels to reclaim her grandfather’s and Great Uncle’s drivers’ licensees, which were confiscated by the Nazis shortly after Kristallnacht. She will share how this group of high school students uncovered the fates of the license holders.


The exhibit panels will be set up at GHC (in the atrium) by Wednesday, April 10. To RSVP or for additional information, please contact Lisa Goldman at