WAJE Frequently Asked Questions

What is WAJE?

WAJE is a program of the Westchester Jewish Council offering classes on Jewish topics to adults across Westchester County.

What Kinds of Classes Does WAJE Offer?

WAJE offers a broad spectrum of Jewish topics for study in classes that range from single sessions to ten or more weeks. Topics include the study of Torah, Talmud and other sacred texts; Jewish philosophy, history, music, ethics, prayer and practice; Jewish literature; contemporary Israel and more. All courses are taught in English.

Some of our most popular WAJE classes are the result of collaborations with other members of the Westchester Jewish community.  For example:

• The Westchester Board of Rabbis developed a comprehensive Introduction to Judaism course for Jews and non-Jews which WAJE administers at five separate locations.
• Kol Hazzanim, the association of Westchester cantors, created a survey of Jewish music for WAJE, and local cantors continue to develop and teach WAJE Jewish music courses.
• The Westchester Region of Hadassah co-sponsors WAJE One Shots, single-session classes for busy adults.

In any given year, those seeking Jewish study opportunities will be pleasantly surprised at the range of WAJE offerings.

Who Teaches WAJE Classes?

WAJE classes are taught by local Jewish clergy and scholars from all denominations, each of whom is challenged to transform his or her academic passions into sophisticated, engaging classes accessible to adults of all Jewish backgrounds.

When Are WAJE Classes Offered?

Classes open throughout our academic year, October through May.

Where are WAJE Classes Held?
Throughout Westchester County in synagogues, JCCs, private homes and business boardrooms.

How much is WAJE Tuition? 

Tuition depends on the length of the class, often includes an “early bird special” and is clearly laid out in the WAJE Catalog.

How Can I Register for a WAJE Class?
Click here to visit the WAJE website to view classes and register on line. 

Questions? Email Alice Tenney, WAJE Director or phone her at 914-328-7001.