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We connect, convene, and safeguard Westchester’s Jewish communities and strengthen relationships among Jews and our member organizations, all of Westchester to Israel, Jews and our member organizations to our elected officials, and Jews and our member organizations to other ethnic and faith-based individuals and organizations, as well as to the community at large.

Remote Learning/Engagement/Connecting Opportunities open to YOU

In order to connect with the community during these challenging times, we have changed our Community Calendar to incorporate remote learning and engagement opportunities.  All events (which are highlighted in gold on the calendar) are open remotely to all members of the community and are provided by Westchester Jewish Council member organizations.  Please click the box below to access the Community Calendar for these remote opportunities.  We hope this service will help to connect everyone during this period of social distancing.  If your organization has an event to share, please post it to our community calendar or be in touch with our office and we will be sure to include it. (If you do post, please be sure to click “Remote Learning” in the category section.)  Thank you for your help in making our community continue to feel connected.


If you missed Israeli Cooking with Nadav Shachmon on July 28th from 12 to 1pm, here is the link to watch him cook delicious Iraqi dishes – https://youtu.be/fpQjdxvV8uQ

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the BRIEFING WITH NEW YORK ATTORNEY GENERAL LETITIA JAMES. 

If you missed this event, please click here to view it in its entirety.

The Westchester Jewish Council Connect-ory

Also, don’t forget to check out another great resource, The WJC Connect-ory.  This digital version of the Connect-ory provides lots of information about all of our member synagogues and organizations.  Click here to access it.

Zoom Meetings

At this time, all recordings of our zoom events can be found on our You Tube Channel at WJC You Tube.

COVID-19 Community Update and Helpful Resources

The Westchester Jewish Council has been in constant contact with the health department and will continue to do so.  Please know we are here as a resource for the community and as we continue to receive information, we will communicate it as soon as it becomes available.
*For more COVID-19 information and resources, please visit our “What’s New” section on this site.
“IRS unveils “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams for 2020; Americans urged to be vigilant to these threats during the pandemic and its aftermath.”
To read the full article, please click below:


Resources On Racism and Racial Justice

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs has put together a compilation of racial justice and equity resources across a variety of media—from curricula to podcasts.

Resources on Racism and Racial Justice

JCPA-Black Lives Matter Article

Eric Ward Transcript – Eric Ward is the Executive Director of the Western States Center, a Senior Fellow with Southern Poverty Law Center and Senior Advisor with Race Forward.

Israel Action Network Guide to Black Lives Matter