Woodlands Community Temple Virtual Seminar: “Blacks and Jews: Where Have We Been? Where are We Going?”

April 11, 2021    
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

It has been a year of uncertainty for ourselves, our families, and our communities. As challenges mount, answers seem to be in short supply.  On Sunday, April 11, Woodlands Community Temple will host a virtual program that aims to build knowledge and answer some of our questions.  The program is titled Blacks and Jews: Where Have We Been? Where are We Going?

Blacks and Jews, Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?

The keynote will be presented by Georgetown University professors Jacques Berlinerblau and Terrence Johnson who teach a popular class, Blacks and Jews in America. The presentation and questions and answers will be followed by small group facilitated conversations.

Art and Music

Making History: The Enslaved Africans’ Rain Garden will provide an introduction by local artist, Vinnie Bagwell, to this public art installation opening in Yonkers in June. The program concludes with inspiration from  The Afro Semitic Experience. Key members of the band will present their newly recorded, “My Feet Began to Pray,” with an opportunity to ask questions.

Sign up and Spread the Word

Thanks to generous funding from WCT and the UJA, this program is free, and open to all. Full details in the flyer attached and registration is here:  wct.org/blacksandjews