WJCS Mindful Parenting and Caregiving For Cultivating Family Resilience


May 24, 2021    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Press Pause: Mindful Parenting and Caregiving Practices for Cultivating Family
Through these uncharted waters, as parents and caregivers we must find our own
anchor so that we can best support our children and teens. We can support each
other through these challenging times, and learn to cope with this moment, the
“here and now.” Experience mindfulness practices that can nurture parenting with
presence, build healthy coping skills, help us notice how to “press pause” and
regulate our emotions. We will discuss mindful communication, prioritizing and
modeling self-care, gratitude, and practicing loving-kindness and self-compassion.

Please register by contacting Brenda Haas, LMSW: bhaas@wjcs.com.