JAFI sponsored Operation Dugo


January 18, 2021    
11:30 am - 8:00 pm

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On a cold January 18, 1945, 14-year-old David “Dugo” Leitner was on a death
march from Auschwitz. After days of marching, he was about to break down and
stop walking, which would lead to his immediate death.
What kept him alive? His mother’s promise.
He survived the Holocaust and moved to Israel in 1949 and ever since, he’s
celebrating the survival of the Jewish nation by eating Falafel.
Throughout the years, his family, thousands of people around Israel, and now
around the world, are joining Dugo and saying loud and clear- “Am Israel Chai”.

Eat Falafel on January 18th with your family, your
colleagues or your friends !

**The Falafel Place in White Plains and Yonkers would offer
25% discount on that day for any costumer ordering or
eating in- Falafel.
Take a picture with the sign “Am Israel Chai” and post it
on Facebook or Instagram with the Hashtag
#Operation_Dugo_Westchester and tag
Jump in the kitchen, cook and share with us! Follow the
steps in the recipe, upload a picture to Facebook or
Instagram with the Hashtag
#Operation_Dugo_Westchester and #I_did_it_myself
and tag @Westchester_Mishlachat