Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center Generations Forward Memory Keepers Story Hour-Mindy Nagorsky-Israel To Speak


December 8, 2021    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Mindy Nagorsky-Israel will tell her family’s Holocaust story.  Mindy is married to a son and grandson of Holocaust survivors.  She tells the story of her husband’s 102-year-old grandmother, Ilse, using pictures, historical documents, and artifacts.  Ilse grew up in Munich, Germany, a member of prominent Jewish families that lived in the Bavaria region for hundreds of years.  Ilse escaped Nazi Germany in late 1938, but lost her entire immediate family and most of her extended family in the Holocaust.

Ilse did not speak of her family for 68 years, until late 2013 when Mindy’s then 8-year-old daughter asked Ilse to tell her family’s story.  This discussion spurred years of research to find and document the history and fate of family members.

For more information, please email mjasper@hhrecny.org   To register, please use the link below.


Memory Keepers Story Hour: Mindy Nagorsky-Israel, Generations Forward – Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center (hhrecny.org)