Bet Am Shalom Passover Craft Show – Bringing the Haggadah to Life – A Conversation with Tamar Messer

March 14, 2021    
10:00 am - 11:30 am

In a live Zoom visit from her studio in Israel, contemporary artist Tamar Messer will share how she translated the Haggadah into pictures and how the pictures tell the story.  The event will include a live Q & A.

In addition to the illustrated Haggadah, her artworks include illustrated biblical books in limited and unlimited editions, including the Song of Songs, the Book of Ecclesiastes, the Book of Lamentations, the Book of Esther and the Book of Ruth. The illustrations in each are composed with a contemporary interpretation; with a meaningful modern Israeli perspective. Tamar also offers a variety of silkscreen prints of Biblical stories, very limited edition prints of the signs of the Zodiac, as well as invitations for bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings.

The program will be followed by zoom studio visits with some of the artists on Bet Am Shalom’s new online craft show website,  The site is open for shopping for your Passover items, as well as other ritual items and art by Jewish artists who frequent Bet Am Shalom’s 25 year-long in-person show.

Registration on the above listed website is required.