Bet Am Shalom Craft Show – “The Passover Table, The Centerpiece: Seder Plate”


March 7, 2021    
10:00 am - 11:30 am

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The Passover Table, The Centerpiece: Seder Plate

Watch a lively zoom discussion among Rabbis Harry Pell (The Leffell School), Chaim Marder (Hebrew Institute of White Plains), and Les Bronstein (Bet Am Shalom), as they explore the meaning of the Passover table’s centerpiece, the seder plate, our special connection to it, and the way we elevate it with art.  Then learn how artists Jennifer Wankoff, Amy Gilron, Amalia Flaisher and Frann Addison use their respective mediums — ceramics, wood, glass, metal — to bring these meanings to life.

The program will be followed by zoom studio visits with some of the artists on Bet Am Shalom Synagogue’s new online craft show website,  The site is open for shopping for your Passover ritual objects, as well as other items by Jewish artists who frequent Bet Am Shalom’s 25 year-long in-person show.

Registration is required on the above listed website.