Anniversary Gala

Our 46th Anniversary Gala is scheduled for Saturday evening, February 5th at 7:30pm at Kol Ami and virtually.  We are very excited to honor the following people:

Marc Klee, Jennifer Sokol, Robert P. Weisz & Andrew S. Weisz/RPW Group


Stay tuned for more details…

GALAlujah, We are Grateful”

THE 45th ANNIVERSARY COUNCIL GALA took place on Saturday, January 30th at 7:30pm. 

You can still watch the video of the event by clicking here.

To view the Journal click here.

The current virtual environment provided some challenges in planning our annual gala.  But with an incredible gala committee and amazing vendors, we had a very successful event!  We shared insight and lessons learned at a Council sponsored “How to Host a Virtual Gala” Roundtable for our member organizations.  Please click here if you would like to view.

Lisa Roberts (Council President)
Harriet Kaplan Suvall
Marc Suvall

List of past honorees:

Debra Abrahams Weiner
Lisa Roberts
Sue Baer, Sheila Friedland, Stuart Kolbert
Joyce Claar and Marty Rogowsky
Ron Burton
Nancy Zaro and Martine Fleishman
Elliot Forchheimer
William Schrag and Harriet Schleifer
Paul Warhit and Jeff Kohn
Betsy Bernstein, Michael Karnes, Gary Trachten
Tracey Bilski, Elizabeth Lampert, Harry Mamaysky
David Alpert, Arlene Kleinberg, Robison Oil – The Singer Family
Lisa Roberts, Harriet Kaplan Suvall, Marc Suvall